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At All Star Foundation Repair, our residential foundation repair services don’t cut corners. A properly built foundation can withstand natural disasters at a much higher level, protecting the people who depend on it. If you settle for anything less than the absolute best, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage down the road. Would you avoid unnecessary risks if you knew you could? Of course! When you need assistance repairing your foundation, you need a foundation repair company with a proven track record in foundation repair, you need a team like that at All Star Foundation Repair!

What Do We Do?

Just like it sounds, a slab foundation is a thick concrete slab that your home is supported by. Slab foundations are susceptible to cracking due to absorbing water. If you’re worried about your home’s slab foundation, contact All Star Foundation Repair, we’ll check it out and provide any slab repair required.
Pier & Beam foundations are traditional foundations that feature a crawlspace beneath the house that separates the actual house from the ground. The home is supported by a series of sturdy beams that prop up the home. We offer pier & beam foundation repair for home owners that feel their foundation’s integrity has been compromised.
Much like our residential foundation repair service, we offer commercial foundation repair to businesses around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

All Star Foundation Repair is your top choice for foundation repair. d local knowledge. 

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Who Do We Service?

Residential Homeowners

We provide structural repairs for all types of foundations including hillsides, slabs, and raised foundations. Our residential services also include retaining walls, hillside decks, drainage, and structural framing repairs. Site evaluations are provided free of charge for homeowners that are not selling their home.

Real Estate Professionals and Potential Buyers

We service real estate agents and potential property buyers by providing site evaluations including foundation systems, retaining walls, and drainage. Inspections are followed up with a written letter and, if applicable, estimated repair costs. We are aware of the tight time frames involved with escrow contingency periods and can usually accommodate your needs. Call us to book an inspection.

Property Owners and Building Managers

Foundation Repair LA Inc. offers our full range of services for multi-family dwellings and commercial properties. We work with owners and managers for repairs on multi-family dwellings such as soft story retrofits, foundation repairs, waterproofing, etc.

Old-fashioned values still exist. We do what we promise.

Why Choose All Star Foundation Repair?

All Star Foundation Repair is your top choice for foundation repair. With expertise in slab, pier & beam, and commercial repair, we deliver quality workmanship, transparent pricing, and local knowledge. Count on us for reliable service and support our commitment to excellence.
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